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Logical Dynamics Lab

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LDL research in logic covers a range from theory to applications, with an outreach interest to philosophy, computation and cognition. Current topics include information-driven agency, causal inference, reasoning in natural language, and interfaces of logic and probability.

Active participants in the LDL since its founding:

Tomohiro Hoshi (PhD 2009) 

Patrick Girard (PhD 2009)

Wesley Holliday (PhD 2012) 

Shane Steinert-Threlkeld (PhD 2016) 

Peter Hawke (PhD 2017)

Krzysztof Mierzewski (PhD 2020)

Francesca Zaffora Blando (PhD 2020)

Michael Cohen (PhD 2021)

Duligur Ibeling (PhD current)

Declan Thompson (PhD current)

Current projects

A selection from ongoing projects, with some characteristic publications.

New logical models of information and dependence
(Current extensions: dynamical systems, topological settings.)

Logical structures in games. (PDF) 

Qualitative and quantitative reasoning: interfacing logic and arithmetic. (PDF)

Topological perspectives on causal inference. (PDF)

Axiomatization in the meaning sciences

Calibrating generative models: the probabilistic Chomsky-Sch├╝tzenberger hierarchy. (PDF)


Group in Logic and Methodology, UC Berkeley

Institute for Logic, Language and Information (ILLC), Amsterdam

Joint Research Center for Logic, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Causal AI Lab, Columbia University


CSLI Workshops on Logic, Rationality and Intelligent Interaction

The annual Logic Seminars at Stanford offer an entry point for
students interested in the research themes of the LDL